Sniper Elite VR Review

Sniper Elite VR Review

A decent but poorly paced VR shooter that at least scratches both World War II and arcade sniping sim itches.

Sniper Elite VR Review the Best New VR Shooter

Welcome back for another 1 Minute VR review. Today we are checking out VR’s best new shooter Sniper Elite VR. Sniper Elite VR delivers a compelling and surprisingly emotional storyline without making you stand around watching people talk. It’s action packed, the mission objectives vary, there’s some cool stealth mechanics, visually this game looks great, especially on PCVR and the X-ray kill cam never gets old. The campaign length is also much closer to what you normally get from a flat screen little rather than the typical 3-hour long VR game. Overall the game is an easy recommend to any VR shooter fans and even if you’re not a fan of stealth you can lower the difficulty and go in guns blazing.
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Sniper Elite VR Review

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BECOME A WW2 SNIPER IN VIRTUAL REALITY! | Sniper Elite VR: Gameplay & Review

Here’s my gameplay and review of Sniper Elite VR. You can play this WW2 VR game on the Oculus Quest 2, PSVR and PC headsets such as the Valve Index. We are going to check it out in glorious virtual reality and see if it is worth our time or not!

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00:00 – Sniper Elite VR Intro
01:02 – Sniper Elite VR Gameplay
07:15 – Sniper Elite VR Review

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Sniper Elite VR Review

Sniper Elite VR proves that an old dog can learn new tricks:

Sniper Elite VR is now available on Quest, PC VR and PSVR.

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