Scalding Spear – Horizon Forbidden West Guide


Scalding Spear – Horizon Forbidden West Guide

Scalding Spear is a large settlement located northwest of Arrowhand and in view of The Shining Wastes Tallneck. Located in a vast desert area, Scalding Spear

Horizon Forbidden West | Part 157 Machine Strike: Scalding Spear | PS5 | No Commentary Walkthrough

Join me as Aloy braves the Forbidden West in this epic new adventure. I will be covering the full game in 4k 60fps, no commentary. Thank you for watching. Please like and subscribe.
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Horizon Forbidden West Mission Melee Pit Scalding Spear

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Quick Guide: Location & Solution Scalding Spear Vista Point | Horizon Forbidden West Walkthrough

In this video, I’m going to give you a quick guide on finding the location of Scalding Spear Vista Point which can be found in a mountain east of the Scalding Spear settlement in the 3rd explorable region in Horizon Forbidden West. The thing that triggers the Vista Point is this sort of antenna or pole, so, once you arrive at the location, use your Focus and you’ll trigger it.

0:00 Scalding Spear Vista Point Location
0:30 Solution of Scalding Spear Vista Point
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For the actual location of Vista Point, we are going to head west, near this Sunwing , near this Sunwing machine site. Look for the metal structure with the fallen tree, use it to climb to the top, and use your focus to reveal the Vista Point.

Be sure to check out more Horizon Forbidden West videos that I’ll be uploading to this playlist right here as I progress through the game, but for now, I hope this was useful, thank you for watching and keep enjoying the game.

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Vista Point Scalding Spear Solution – Horizon Forbidden West

Vista Point Scalding Spear in Horizon Forbidden West video guide shows you where to stand so that you can match the image from the projection with the reality.

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Horizon Forbidden West continues the story of Aloy, as she travels to new areas and explores them in the hopes of untangling the mysteries of the machines.

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