Cheats and Secrets – Dark Souls II Guide


Cheats and Secrets – Dark Souls II Guide

The immense world of Dark Souls 2 is crammed with Secrets and treasures that are waiting to be

The Dumb Guide to Heide’s Tower of Flame [Dark Souls 2 SotFS]

►The Dumb and Fastpaced Guide to Dark Souls 2 Scholar of the First Sin. So may the pause be with you.
This area is no match to the previous, so the guide is finally shorter than 5 min.
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►Эта территория не сравнится с предыдущей, так что и гайд наконец то стал короче 5 минут.

►NOTE: This guide will not cover ALL items and mechanics, but will show the path of an average player. So enjoy!

Yes, this video was inspired by the WildPies [] DumbShits Guide to Dark Souls, but i think he doesn’t give a shit. If you wonder “who de fuk is wildpie?”, then just nevermind.

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How to be OP and break Dark Souls 2 (SotFS)

By using the “Cat Ring Skip” by Distortion2, you go to the Crown of the Sunken King DLC and kill the DLC bosses without going to Forest of Fallen Giants, Heide’s Tower of Flame and so on. Details below.

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Clips Used
Dark Souls 2- Sinh, the Slumbering Dragon Boss Fight (4K 60fps)
Dark Souls 2- Nashandra Boss Fight (4K 60fps) – YouTube
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Details (X-post on

Normally in order to kill a DLC boss you need to have at least a +9 weapon. This means that you have to find a blacksmith(lenigrast, mcduff, or ornifex), get the right key(dull ember, fang key, or the lenigrast key), and some upgrade materials(6 shards, 6 l.shards, 6 chunks, maybe a slab).

Although this strategy works just fine, I found that being confined to this route was limiting the diverse nature of this game.

After seeing the “Cat Ring Skip”( by Distortion2 I have pieced together a route that ignores most of the essential areas such as Forest of Fallen Giants, Heide’s Tower of Flame, Shaded Woods, and Huntman’s Corpse.

The weapon of choice is the Vanquisher’s Seal ring that gives your bare hands insane amounts of AR. This is one of the only weapons that does not require any upgrades(the other being the Key of the Embeded). Coupling this with the Flynn’s ring obtained in the DLC you will have around 380AR at 40STR(dex scaling in not that great).

The problem is that you need 50 awestones for this ring. Luckily there is a well known farming strategy that provides you with infinite guaranteed awestones. After killing the Royal Rat Vanguard you can join the Covenant of Champions and burn a bonfire ascetic on Harval’s Resting Place bonfire.

This will make the invader “Rhoy the Explorer” to invade infinity(only in SotFS, in the original you’ll have to burn an ascetic every 12th time), and you will be able to cheese him over the bridge using the Dagger R2s as many times as you want.

Not having Merchant Hag Melenita was kind of an issue since I won’t be able to buy 99 lifegems. But by using the 20 lifegems found at the lower gutter area I was able to kill Elana and Sinh with 4 estus (the insane DPS of the Vanq. seal was also helpful).

On a side note, After the nerf the powerstanced moveset of the Vanq. seal was much slower and less optimal for a boss battle(especially Elana as one of the 2 punches will likely miss for some reason). The 2H R1 moveset on the other hand had much less stamina usage, more damage and better range. Hope it helps on this run.

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Dark Souls II – Starter Guide

A Beginner’s Guide to Dark Souls II (2)

Based on the Scholar of the First Sin version, although should be applicable to the vanilla version as well in most cases.


00:00 – Intro

01:07 – Mechanics Intro
01:54 – Poise
02:50 – Physical Defence
03:58 – Agility / Adaptability
05:54 – Equip Burden
06:58 – Power Stance
08:21 – Online / Death / Humanity
09:16 – Soul Memory
10:19 – Healing
11:46 – Starting Gifts / Classes
14:37 – Weapons

Dark Souls (1) Starter Guide:

Dark Souls II Wiki:

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Dark Souls II – Grinding to the Max Level in Things Betwixt

Alternative Title: The Definition of Insanity

Apologies about the delay on this one. I could have had it done about a week ago, but I had to move house which slowed things down quite a bit. But, it’s here! This one turned out to be more involved than I was anticipating. Initially I thought it would just be a matter of grinding straight from the beginning to the end, but there were a few curveballs thrown my way. As a result of those curveballs, it was also a good bit longer than the first video. In any case, I hope you enjoy! What’s next…?

00:00 – Introduction and Character Creation
02:48 – Initial Item Gathering
03:13 – DS2 Stink
05:11 – Return to Things Betwixt
08:35 – The Grind
10:33 – The Math

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